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Raymark Advisory Committee

The Raymark Advisory Committee (RAC) was a group of approximately fifteen volunteers who met on a monthly basis for over seven years. The RAC discussed timely issues associated with EPA’s investigation of and cleanup plans for the remaining properties impacted by Raymark waste in Stratford. This advisory committee, appointed by the Town Council in 2000, provided a stakeholders’ perspective to the agencies. They worked with an EPA-funded technical advisor, GeoInsight, Inc. to sort through the myriad environmental engineering and regulatory complexities of Superfund. Meetings were run by a professional facilitator from the Consensus Building Institute, also paid for by EPA.
The RAC’s accomplishments, from the group’s formation through September 2007, are summarized in Section I of their final report. The RAC’s most recent efforts focused on evaluating EPA’s Feasibility Study on how to handle Raymark waste located on the remaining 26 commercial and municipal sites (referred to as OU6). They established a baseline of conditions and constraints that provide important context for developing subsequent recommendations acceptable to the wide range of affected constituents within the Town. Section II of the RAC’s final report outlines those constraints.

The RAC released their recommendations regarding EPA’s approach to addressing the estimated 100,000 cubic yards of Raymark waste as part of OU6—the recommendations are contained in Section III of their final report. Members of the RAC presented their recommendations to the Town Council on September 10th.

At this point, there are no plans for the RAC to continue meeting, largely because there are no more EPA funds to support the RAC’s technical advisors, GeoInsight’s or the CBI’s facilitator, Patrick Field.

For more information about the purpose and makeup of the RAC click here: Bulletin #36

To download a copy of the RAC/EPA Consensus Agreement, click here: Consensus Agreement

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