List of Health Studies

Below is a list and downladable files of studies, fact sheets and abstracts of many of the health studies conducted overt the years. We also maintain complete copies of the reports below at the Stratford Health Department.

  • The most recent study conducted by the CT Department of Public Health is their Health Consultation of Bladder Cancer Data (October 2011). The accompanying CTDPH fact sheet summarizing the findings can be found here.

Older health studies can be found below in chronological order: 

  • Memorandum on Birth Defects in Stratford. Holger Hansen, MD University of Connecticut School of Medicine (July 1993). Link
  • Summary of Preliminary Study of Cancer Occurrence in Stratford Connecticut 1971-1990. CTDPH (May 1993). Link
  • Blood Lead Screening Health Consultation, Raymark Industries, Inc. CTDPH & ATSDR (1995) Link
  • Public Health Assessment for Raymark Industries ATSDR/CTDPH (1996)
  • Cancer Incidence and Birthweight in Relation to Exposure to Raymark Waste (January 1998) Abstract
  • Stratford Birthweight & Cancer Study Fact Sheet (March 1998) CTDPH Cancer Study Fact Sheet-1998
  • Health Consultation Review of Bladder Cancer Data (May 2001): Abstract
  • CTDPH Stratford Cancer Follow-up Review Summary (June 2002) (CTDPH Follow-up Cancer Study Fact Sheet 2002
  • Health Consultation: Evaluation of Indoor Air, Soil Gas and Groundwater Data Sampling Phases 2, 3 and 4 (2001, 2002, 2003) ATSDR & CTDPH (September 2003):Link Abstract

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