Raymark Community Advisory Group           

Meeting Agendas, Presentations, and Notes

The Raymark Community Advisory Group meets monthly on the last Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise noted.  View agendas, presentations, minutes and recordings for upcoming and past meetings below:

February 24, 2021:  Agenda  Presentation  Recording

January 27, 2021:  Agenda  Presentation  Recording  Notes

December 9, 2020:  Agenda  Presentation  Recording

October 2020: Agenda  Presentation   Recording

September 2020: Agenda  Presentation   Recording  Notes

August 2020:  Agenda  Presentation   Recording  Notes

July 2020:   Agenda  Presentation   Recording

June 2020:  Agenda  Presentation   Recording    Notes

May 2020:  Agenda   Presentation   Recording    Notes

February 2020:   Agenda    Presentation   Notes

January 2020:   Agenda      Presentation      Notes

December 2019:   Agenda     Contract Plating Presentation  Raymark Presentation     Notes

September 2019:  Agenda     Presentation      Notes

July 2019:  Agenda       Presentation       Notes

May 2019:     Agenda     Presentation     Notes

March 2019:  Agenda        Presentation      Notes

December 2018:  Agenda      Presentation     Notes

September 2018:  Agenda     Presentation     Notes

June 2018:   No meeting.  Public informational meeting held in July.  View Presentation

April 2018:  Agenda     Presentation      Notes

February 2018:    Agenda      Presentation

December 2017:  Agenda      Presentation

October 2017:    Agenda       Presentation 

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