Raymark Community Advisory Group           

Meeting Agendas, Presentations, and Notes

The Raymark Community Advisory Group meets monthly on the last Wednesday of the month.  View presentations from past meetings below:

October 2017:    Agenda       Presentation 

December 2017:  Agenda      Presentation

February 2018:    Agenda      Presentation

April 2018:  Agenda     Presentation      Notes

June 2018:   No meeting.  Public informational meeting held in July.  View Presentation

September 2018:  Agenda     Presentation     Notes

December 2018:  Agenda      Presentation     Notes

March 2019:  Agenda        Presentation      Notes

May 2019:     Agenda     Presentation     Notes

July 2019:  Agenda       Presentation       Notes

September 2019:  Agenda     Presentation      Notes

December 2019:   Agenda     Contract Plating Presentation  Raymark Presentation     Notes

January 2020:   Agenda      Presentation      Notes

February 2020:   Agenda    Presentation   Notes

May 2020:  Agenda   Presentation   Recording    Notes

June 2020:  Agenda  Presentation   Recording    Notes

July 2020:   Agenda  Presentation   Recording

August 2020:  Agenda  Presentation   Recording  Notes

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