Stratford Housing Partnership

Appointments made by the Mayor per Section 5-62 of Town Code, ESTABLISHED 02/22/90 amended 02/10/2020.

[Housing Partnership Ordinance (Amended February 2020)]

The Mayor
Laura Hoydick  

Representative of the Zoning Commission - Four (4) Year Term
Christopher Silhavey   Expires 01/01/2022

Representative of Planning Commission For Term of Four Years
Harold Watson   Expires 01/01/2022

Representative of Inland Wetlands & Waterfront Commission
Christopher Blake Expires 01/31/2024

Representative of Stratford Housing Authority
Elizabeth Sulik   Expires 01/31/2024

Representative of Economic and Community Development Commission
Jennifer Sheldon Expires 01/31/2024

Member of the Local Business Community
Desmond Ndzi
Expires 01/31/2024

Member of a Public Interest Group
Beth Daponte   Expires 01/31/2024

Local Urban Planning Professional 
Susmitha Attota, Town Planner Permanent Member

Meeting Videos

Stratford Housing Partnership December 9, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership December 2, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership November 19, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership November 5, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership October 30, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership October 1, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership September 24, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership September 10, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership September 3, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership August 25, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership July 29, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership July 8, 2020
Stratford Housing Partnership Kickoff Meeting video

Agendas and Minutes

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Presentation Materials

1. Kickoff meeting materials 061120

2. Second meeting materials 070820
    • Booklet 1: Planning for Housing Choices
    • Booklet 2: Housing Overview for Stratford
    • Stratford 2018 Housing Profile

3. Third meeting materials 07292020 (see attached document titled 02 Housing inventory…)

4. Fourth meeting materials 08252020 (see attached Booklet # 3)

5. Booklet #4


The Stratford Housing Partnership is conducting a community survey about housing needs in Stratford and possible housing strategies for the future.  The Housing Partnership is a Town committee established in 1990 and reinvigorated in 2020 to, among other things;

1.       Examine housing needs and housing opportunities within the Town.
2.       Periodically advise Town Boards and Commissions with regard to housing matters, including affordable housing.

3.       Develop and activate a long-range plan to satisfy housing needs in the Town (as required by State law).

Please click on the following link to take the survey:


 Your response will remain anonymous .  The survey should only take 5-7 minutes of your time but will help the Town plan for the future of the community for the the next decade.  Thank you for participating!

For questions or comments, please email Susmitha Attota, Town Planner at