Economic and Community Development Commission

3-Year Term – Appointed by Mayor – Per Charter §1.5
Purpose and Objectives

The Commission’s mission shall be to create and encourage a planned strategy to increase the Town’s well-being by retaining, improving and attracting commerce in order to achieve sustainable improvements in the Town’s tax base, its infrastructure, and the quantity and quality of jobs while maintaining and improving Stratford’s quality of life.
Electorate Members  
Fred Hyatt (R) 6554 Osage Ln.  May 14, 2014
Randy Vidal (R) 388 Prospect Dr.  May 14, 2014
Justin Bard   105 Plymouth St. May 14, 2017
Chirstopher Pia 165 Forest Rd. May 14, 2014
John Dobos (R)  Chairman 1505 W Broad St.  May 14, 2014
James Bensen May 14, 2014
Michael Vickerelli (U) 80 Peace Acre Ln.  May 14, 2014

Alternate Members      
Robert Rosati
110 Cutspring Rd. 
March 1, 2014
Robyn Greenspan (D) 120 Douglas St. March 1, 2015
Vincent Faggella (D) 85 Colonial  March 1, 2015
Robert Cody   6050 Main St.  
Exofficio members  
Town Council Member representatives
David Harden Councilmember
Wali Kadeem Councilmember     
Vacant Councilmember    
John Harkins Mayor  
Mary Dean Economic Development Director  
Laura Hoydick Executive Director of Chamber of Commerce    
Jay Habansky Planning and Zoning Administrator    
Community Development Subcommittee members
Open Secretary

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