Stratford Partnership for Youth and Families 

2017-2018 Coalition Executive Officers 

Hannah McLaughlin  Youth Co-Chair
Sean Kennedy
Adult Co-Chair 
Kristi Peña
Youth Co-Vice Chair
Paul DosSantos                    
Adult Co-Vice Chair 
Nicholas Satta                      Youth Sector Representative
Shannon Tripodi  Youth Member at Large 
Patricia Hines Youth Member at Large

2015-2017 Sectors and Representatives 

 Youth         Nicholas Satta 
 Parent Denise Keegan 
 Business Bill Steindl - Connecticut Distributors Inc.
 Media Amy Knorr and Sib Law 
 School Kathryn Mascia and Christopher Koch
 Youth Serving Organization Beth Grimes- Library
 Law Enforcement Captain Paul DosSantos - Police Department
 Civic / Volunteer Organization Mary Tiernan - 4HClub
 Religious / Fraternal Organization           Ed Rawls and Meg Williams - Clergy
 Healthcare Professionals Jodi Palmieri Schumann, R.N St. Vincent's 
 State / Local / Tribal Government Sean Kennedy - CT Dept of Rehabilitation Services
 Substance Abuse Organization Janice Anderson -RYASAP