Tournament Information

(Information subject to change)  Last updated July 9, 2019

 2019 USA 10U/12U Class B Eastern Nationals                                          


DeLuca Field, Birdseye Complex, Stratford, CT,

Short Beach Park, Stratford, CT

DATES: Wednesday, July 24- Sunday,July 28, 2019




National ASA Rep. –  Hank Koritkoski

Tournament Umpire-in-Chief – Cliff LaRose
Tournament Director - Pat Patusky
Local Umpire Coordinator - Dave Pierson

ENTRY FORM:  Eastern Territorial Championship Entry Form found at under Forms or on this website.  Must have State/Metro Commissioner's signature.  Due by July 12 by 5:00 pm.
ROSTER FORMS:  Original Official USA Championship Roster with parents' signatures and Pick Up Player Forms (if applicable).  All documents must be signed by your State or Metro Commissioner or Designee

Due  by July 12 by 5:00 pm


$700 (checks payable to Stratford Softball Tournaments Inc.)


 No additional ticket fees or gate fees will be charged.

 DEADLINE:  Deadline July 12 by 5:00 pm.  You may register online at



Pool play games for seeding into double elimination round.  Pool Play draw will be July 13 at Erin's Gym
In accordance with the USA Guide, Article 607

UNIFORMS: In compliance with USA rules (see Official Guide and Rule Book). 
LINE-UP: Line-up forms for your pool play games will be in your Coaches Packet or may be picked up at the Press Box or Information booth at each field complex. Copy of line-up should be turned in to the Tournament Site Director at coin flip 20 minutes prior to game time. Please fully complete the line-up card with first and last names, position, uniform number, and substitutes.  Teams must provide line-up forms to the homeplate umpire and opposing team as well as the scorekeeper (if available).
GAME TIMES: Game time is forfeit time. Teams should be prepared to start once the preceding game is completed.  Pool play will begin Thursday morning depending on the number of teams.  Bracket play will begin Friday depending on number of teams.
INFIELD PRACTICE: No infield practice will be allowed. Practice fields available by request.
DUGOUT LIMITS: Maximum number allowed is 25 and limited to 20 players with photo ids, one manager, two coaches, one scorekeeper, and team assistant all with current USA Background check. The umpire will ask all unauthorized personnel to leave the area.
RULES: All 2019 USA rules will be in effect.  Please study rules, especially in regard to pitching, equipment, appeals, and protest procedures. All protests will be handled by the Tournament Protest Committee.
RUN RULE: The 8 run rule after 5 innings, 12 run rule after 4 innings and 15 run rule after 3 innings shall be in effect. Complete innings must be played unless the home team scores the run ahead limit while at bat.
TIE BREAK RULE: If after the completion of 7 innings the score is tied, starting with the 8th inning and each half inning thereafter, the offensive team shall begin with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that half inning being placed at second base. A substitute may be inserted for the runner.
ELIGIBILITY: Refer to the USA Guide. Ensure that all eligibility requirements are met.
HOME/VISITORS: A coin flip will determine Home and Visitor and will take place at the top of the 5th inning or 20 minutes prior to game starting time for the first game of the session. It will take place directly behind backstop of field on which your game will be played. Top of Bracket sits in the first base dugout.



Team registration is Wednesday July 24 from 12-3 pm at Birdseye Complex.  Each team will be assigned a time based on arrival time.


Wednesday July 24 at 6:00 pm at DeLuca Field.


A Skills Competition will be held Wednesday July 24 at 3:00 pm at DeLuca Field.  Fee is $10 per child.  Pre Registration required.  Registration Form under Forms

Social will be at DeLuca Field on Wednesday July 24 from 5-6 pm.  Food and water for teams.  Pin Exchange at this time.
 TEAM PICTURES: Picture of each team will be taken . Team picture will be taken before opening ceremonies.  Teams are to be in full uniform
HOTEL INFORMATION: You must make reservations through this site to register for tournament.


Stratford Recreation Department
468 Birdseye Street, Stratford, CT 06615
Telephone: (203) 377-3455

Submit all documentation with Entry Fee:  E mail:

Background Check and ACE Certification credentials must be visible during all games throughout tournament for all team personnel on the field and in the dugout.



Team Registration Wednesday July 24 from 12-3 pm at Birdseye Complex.  Times will be assigned.  USA Photo Player ID required
Coaches and Team Personnel must present proof of USA Background Check
Coaches must present ACE Certification (at least 1 coach who must be present at all games) 



Opening Ceremonies - Please report to DeLuca Field as scheduled.  Decisions will be made at that time.

Games - Teams should report at least 1 hr. prior to scheduled game for further instructions unless contacted or check for instructions.

GIFT EXCHANGE: Small gift are traditionally exchanged with the first opposing team in pool play which will take place on Thursday.  Gifts typically represent the team's hometown or area.  Limit gift value to $10 maximum.  Need 20 gifts per team. Pin Exchange will take place at team social event on Wednesday at DeLuca Field. 
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND PETS: No alcoholic beverages may be brought into any of the parks. Pets are not allowed in the parks.
MEDICAL COVERAGE: Dial 911 for all situations requiring ambulance or police.

Contact Information

Phone: (203) 377-3455

Pat Patusky,
President, SSTI

Carl Alber
Treasurer, SSTI 

Jeff Babineau
Event Coordinator